Introducing Christine

Introducing Christine

An Unexpected Journey

Christine never intended to become an author. If she ever thought about writing it was to wonder if she might write a missionary biography. So it was a surprise to her to write poetry, non-fiction and now be working on a novel.

Christine’s background

Choosing a photo theme for the website was also difficult. Should she have rice fields to represent Taiwan where she grew up and has worked since 1999? Or Malaysian jungle and animals to represent where she did her primary schooling? Or Jeepneys, volcanoes and beaches to represent her high school years in the Philippines? Or even the mountains, lakes and farms of New Zealand where her father’s family are from? She’s settled on Australian wild flowers as the best option, since this is her passport country.

Christine was a physiotherapist but now she writes ‘storyteller’ on any airport  forms. She can legitimately claim to be this as she has written a book on storytelling and spends much of her time either telling Bible stories or training others to do so.

In her spare time Christine loves all things active – hiking, cycling, swimming, snorkeling. But she also likes reading and genealogical research as that satisfies her desire to be an historical detective.