It’s coming! The novel – ‘Grace in Strange Disguise’

It’s coming! The novel – ‘Grace in Strange Disguise’

It’s coming!

And what a journey it has been. Over four years of hard work as I’ve crawled up the steep learning curve to learn how to write fiction. It’s coming!

A reluctant start

This post explains how I started writing the novel.

A shock which led to a change in direction – but it’s coming!

“I think this is one and a half books,” the editor wrote, “not just one.”

My first thought was, “Oh no. Not more decisions and more work.”

But after thinking, praying and talking it through with the editor, it made sense. So what was initially a standalone book has become a trilogy. I’d already had some ideas for a sequel and those ideas are now pushed towards the third book.

Practically what this has meant is that I had to cut the book two thirds of the way through. Then add a new conclusion. Several decisions had to be made about whether some parts went into the first or second book. I also added a bit of material earlier in the book.

In early June, I read another book that enabled me to see more of my writing weaknesses. I then did another full edit. The manuscript is now being professionally edited for the second time by an editor in New Zealand.

How many edits have there been? I have no idea – but certainly well over twenty.


Every step of this is important and needs prayer.

* July – last edits

* Send the final manuscript to my designer for lay out. There will be decisions about font …sent 15 July

* 20 July -7 August -Then I will send copies to the advanced readers to catch last errors. We want the book to give the best possible impression.

* ? September – book to printer so there will be copies for sale at the book launch. Saturday 18 November 2 pm at Pennant Hills Baptist Church – corner Rosemount & Ramsey Road.

* 1 October? upload to Amazon and reviews go up – as many as possible.

It’s coming – but I could never have done it on my own

I had always believed that writing was a solitary task. Instead, I’ve discovered that to do it well requires a team. I wrote a post about this here.

Current Back Cover Blurb

Physiotherapist Esther Macdonald is living the Australian dream and it doesn’t surprise her. After all, her father has always said, “Follow Jesus and be blessed.” But at 28 her world shatters. Everyone assures her, “God will come through for you,” but what happens when he doesn’t? Has she somehow offended God or is her faith too small? So many conflicting explanations. And what if finding out the truth could cost her the people closest to her heart?

4 thoughts on “It’s coming! The novel – ‘Grace in Strange Disguise’

  1. That sounds very interesting Christine. If it is not too expensive, or you have an eBook version I will buy it.
    As for your journey… wow, like my one book. It took three to get it to where the first book was to end. Now ‘resting’ book five, the final, I will start the pre-editing final stuff.
    This must be an exciting time for you. Wait till you hold the finished product in your hands! Great feeling.
    All the best and thank you for sharing your journey.

    1. One of the great benefits of self-publishing is that books will be cheaper. There will definitely be ebook versions.

  2. How exciting. I’m hoping to get my first full novel published by the end of the year. It too has been through a multitude of edits and one of my tasks this month is to do through it again. And I can’t agree more. It takes a team to make a great book. I’m looking forward to seeing and reading your book Grace in Disguise later this year.

  3. Congratulations Christine. It must be a great feeling to be closer to the goal line. I had a similar experience, though I’m still further back than you. I’ve spent 4.5 years writing a novel, that has changed many times. I was initially writing a parallel narrative, but eventually realised I had two stories – a modern one and an historic one. So I pulled them apart so I could write two separate books. I’ve been working on the historical one, and have just in the last two weeks realised that the last third is really another book, so I’m restructuring it again. It’s encouraging to read your experience and see that there is an end in sight – LOL Good luck with the rest of your time line. I also commented on the post you did about the value of editors 🙂

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