Author interview/giveaway – Grace in Strange Disguise (latest giveaways on top)

Author interview/giveaway – Grace in Strange Disguise (latest giveaways on top)

Author Interview + giveaways

The realities of indie publishing is that instead of the publisher finding people to interview me online, radio … I have to find those myself. Over the next months I will have various author interviews. Most interviews will include an ebook giveaway competition. It will be a HUGE help, even if you don’t want to ‘win’, if you’ll pass on the competitions to your friends and contacts via email, Facebook, twitter … I will always have the most recent giveway posted on my Pinterest ‘giveaway and special deals’ board.

I am now going to put the latest giveways on the top of this feed so that you can find them. Once the giveaway ends, I’ll move them further down the page.

Christian Shelfesteem interview

The first interview/giveaway is being run up 30 Sept -8 October. Of course the interview will be available much longer. The interviewer was one of my editors – Iola Goulton. I highly recommend her work.

Author Interview | Christine Dillon

International Christian Fiction Writers interview

Author interview with Heartwings Blog

Author interview with Fiction Aficionado

This is an Australian blogging site – November 2017

November 2017 Author interview with Janet Sketchley – Canadian blogger

Canadian interview

I loved working with this group. They also did reviews.

Diamond Mine Blog interview

Pursuits of God podcast

A podcast interview with Emily Cobb. Spoken interviews are my favourite format.

29 November 2017 interview

Hallee Bridgeman interview February 2018

Hallee Bridgeman interview 2 – June 2019

One thought on “Author interview/giveaway – Grace in Strange Disguise (latest giveaways on top)

  1. Great interviews, Christine. I’d already commented on the first one. Sounds like it was a massive learning curve to do the novel, but good on you for making sure it was the best it could be. I’m working on one at the moment and it’s already taken 4.5 years, though hopefully the end is in sight. I also like what you said in the interview about singleness. I was single until I was 36 and I still have lots of single friends. There aren’t really enough novels that look at that as a valuable and viable option. I hope the book does really well.

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