Easter storytelling resources for your family & online community

Easter storytelling resources for your family & online community

Usually at Easter we are with our wider community celebrating the greatest event in human history – Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This year, most of us are cut off from anyone apart from our immediate family or housemates. Or perhaps, we’re totally cut off from others (by now, some of you might be wishing you were :)).

Here are some resources to help you lead a small group with your household or to do with your community online.

Good Friday

Below are the links to the story in English + both written and video instructions on how to lead this special kind of discussion.

The story can be learned or read or listened to (see video link below). I suggest that you do the story using the method below. Doing each story three times will not only help us notice more but will also make the discussion time much more meaningful.

  1. Listen to the story
  2. Listen or read again.
  3. Tell the story to each other in pairs …

How to lead discussion OR video

Download of 6 discussion cards (English)


Other languages

The website is always adding new languages (please get in touch if you can help us with other languages – both written translation and learning/videoing stories). In order to help you identify which post is which, even if you don’t speak the language, we have made sure that the same photo is used on the same post across all languages.

Non-fiction – Bible storytelling

Telling the Gospel Through Story, Christine Dillon, MultiplyingDisciplesOneStoryAtATime

Fiction – novels which include Bible storytelling

This link goes to the first novel and book trailer.


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