What is your motivation for writing?

What is your motivation for writing?

Possible motivations:-

  • You’ve always wanted to be a famous author
  • You want to make money writing
  • You want to prove someone wrong who said, “You can’t do it!”
  • You can’t help writing
  • You want to promote a point of view or share something you’ve learned
  • You don’t care about any of the above, you’d write whether anyone read it or not

There might be many reasons for writing but should there be different motivations for Christians? In other words, does being a Christian influence even this area of our lives?

I think we know that being a Christian MUST influence every area of our lives. We even know what our motivation should be, “bringing God glory.” But the term seems so abstract. What does it even mean to ‘bring God glory?’ It certainly implies that anything we write should honour him. Or conversely, should not dishonour him. Our writing (or any creative endeavor) should make him delighted in us. Does this imply that all our work should be overtly Christian? Not at all. Honouring Jesus means writing what he wants us to write. If he wants us to write good literature that anyone can read, then we must throw our full strength into it. If he has asked us to do something and then we do something totally different, how would we be honouring him?

Often we start well but all too often slip into ‘bringing ME glory.”

Recognizing when my motivation has slipped into being about me:-

  • When I am disappointed in sales figures.
  • When I resent other more successful writers
  • When I resent people who don’t buy my book
  • When I’m seriously upset and insecure about negative reviews

Ways I’ve used to keep my motivation pure:-

  • Noting if any of the above measures register on my ‘motivation thermometer.’ If they do, it’s time to spring into action
  • Learning scriptures that speak to the area of motivation and go over and over them when any of the four warning lights above are ‘on.’
  • Simple things like getting enough rest, exercise …so that I am more resiliant
  • Knowing myself well and keeping a watch out
  • Reminding myself over and over that God works through weakness (1 Corinthians 1:27-29) and keeping myself reliant on him.
  • Working at ‘abiding in Jesus’ (John 15). When I’m abiding, motivations are correct.

How do you keep your motivation pure? What are your warning triggers?


4 thoughts on “What is your motivation for writing?

  1. Hey Christine I would have liked to pin the above post to my Pinterest board Christian Writing but there was no Pinterest icon handy. Any chance you could add one? Thanks

    1. This is very much a work in progress from someone who isn’t very technologically minded. Will be sending out my first newsletter this week (quarterly) and that has been a steep learning curve. Very pleased to work out how to attach a free gift.

  2. In artistic pursuits we need to be careful not to compare ourselves to others as it will lead to jealousy and depression. Being thankful for another’s talent helps keep the motivation pure. I try to remember that it is the Lord who has given me the creativity and inspures my ideas. My faith in him informs my writing. I couldnt do any of it without him. When a book doesn’t get noticed e.g. I know that he knows and there will be a reason. It reminds me he is in charge, not me. And humility is better for the soul than acclaim.

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