Book trailers

Book trailers

Book trailers

Do they influence people to buy books? Not necessarily, but they’re fun and may influence those who have already heard about your book previously.

1-2-1 discipleship book trailer


Stories aren’t just for kids book trailer


Grace in Strange Disguise

Grace in the Shadows

Principles in making a book trailer

  • About a minute long for the ‘slideshow’ kind above
  • Can be up to 3 -4 minutes if includes snippets from the author (perhaps interview questions …)
  • These were made with Lumen 5. A free (or paid, for more features) company. I simply dragged and dropped in the music and most of the photos from their huge library of copyright free music/photos. You can also upload your own.

Please feel free to copy the link and share these videos. To share – include your own recommendation of the book first (or even copy the review you’ve written.


2 thoughts on “Book trailers

  1. I think these are well done. To me they provide a nice quick overview of the contents and spark an interest in wanting to know more. I think these would work on social media as the moving images should provide a visual interruption to the reader causing them to stop scrolling focus on the ad which may not happen with a static image/ad.

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