Top ten Christian fiction reads – 2020

Top ten Christian fiction reads – 2020

2020 is the fourth year that I’ve kept a file on my top Christian fiction reads for the year. Please feel free to follow my reviews on Goodreads or BookBub.

For a Christian novel to make my ‘top ten’ list it must not only be well-written but the Christian elements must be natural.

These books are not listed in any particular order.

1. Barefoot, Sharon Garlough Brown

* Book 3 in the Sensible Shoes Club series.

5 stars

One of only two 5-star books for the year. The third book in a four-book series. The books focus on four very different women and their struggles to mature as Christians.

2. Grace in the Flames, Michelle Massaro

4.5 stars.

I originally read this book because of its similar title to my series! The book is a breath of fresh air. The last third of the book is terrific, both realistic and thoroughly Christian. If you are not a Christian, the latter part of this book will show you how following Jesus should be. All books have a ‘worldview’ – this one allows you to listen in and see what being a Christian means and whether it makes consistent sense of the world.”

3. The Forgiving Hour, Robin Lee Hatcher

4.5 stars.

This is the kind of Christian fiction I’m always searching for. Deep struggling and learning the heart of God.
This book reminds me of the best of Francine Rivers, Deborah Raney, and Brenda S Anderson.
My only quibble was that one of the characters seemed to become a believer too easily. After her lifetime of anger, I would have expected much more struggle.
Poignant tear-jerker.

4. Honor Bound, Carol Ashby

4.8 stars.

This is the best yet of Carol’s books. Wonderful story, loved the Roman world and the community of early Christians. Love the deep spiritual truths. Highly recommended for families to read with teenage children, homeschooling for Roman-era …

5. The Least of These, Kathleen Neely

4.5 stars
I liked Kathleen Neely’s debut enough to read the second.
This book was easy to read with lots of human interest and a series of mysteries but it was the concluding few chapters that pushed it up to 4.5 stars. The key difference was that in the end, this was a true gospel story instead of merely a ‘nice’ or ‘slightly religious’ one.

6. Apprentice, Kristen Young

4.5 stars.

I am a member of an author’s support book with Kristen and so, I’ve had the privilege of reading early drafts of these books. You’re in for a treat. Like myself, she started as an author of non-fiction.

7. Fly Away, Lynn Austin

5 star

Excellent writing. Don’t be fooled by the seeming ordinariness of this book.
This is the kind of book I’ve been searching for. A beautiful story with potential eternal impact.
This book is about a Christian with lots of hang-ups and a delightful non-Christian. Please don’t give up too soon as the last quarter is solid gold and tackles some really important life and death issues. 

8. Hands of Grace, Brenda S Anderson

4 star.

Others would have given this book a higher star rating but I’m not a keen romance reader. What I liked best about this book was the dementia sub-theme where the heroine has to learn to care for a mother who neither remembers her, nor loved her, prior to dementia. Brenda’s books make me think.

9. All our Empty Places, Alicia G. Ruggieri

4.5 stars, the second of a trilogy of US historical novels

10. When He Found Me, Victoria Bylin

4.5 stars.
Rich, layered writing…I don’t usually enjoy romances but this is so much more. This is realistic Christian fiction about people with many issues.
This story will challenge you on how you judge people and hopefully help us to listen to others and treat them with the grace we’ve received.

Which of these have you read? What are some of your top reads for 2020?

3 thoughts on “Top ten Christian fiction reads – 2020

  1. Hi! I saw in some of your other blogs that you are looking for a 5 star read, and I’ve seen that you also mention francine rivers… have you ever read Mark of the lion?? I can’t find anything that compares honestly… I’ve been looking lol. Although you review a few that sound great! I was just curious of your thoughts on that series in particular . Whats your favorite book of all?

    1. I loved the Mark of the Lion series.
      As a spiritually comparable with FR – try Randy Alcorn, ‘Safely Home’.

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